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Getting Started

Welcome to a community of parents and professionals who are working to empower you and other Florida families starting on a journey as a parent or caregiver of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

In collaborating with other parents, the Parent Empowerment Program has developed the Continuity of Care Plan to help you manage providers, find resources, and know the next steps in your journey. If you haven't already received a copy though the program or a provider, please view, download, and print it using the button below.

Flow Chart of DHH EI Services.png
  • Hearing screenings are completed at your hospital, birth center, or at a local clinic.  

  • Diagnostic testing is completed and hearing levels are identified. 

  • Communication is extended from the Parent Liaison at the FL Early Hearing Detection and Intervention office to explain next steps and review questions about results of hearing test. 

  • Early Steps communicates with family to schedule and evaluation for early intervention services and supports. 

  • Support team is identified on a plan unique to each family's needs. 

  • Parent support meetings are available online. 

  • Families meet with audiological professionals to explore hearing technologies. 

  • Early Steps providers work with your family to develop strategies to encourage language.  

  • Meetings with adults who grew up with hearing differences are available through the Parent Empowerment Program. 

  • Private therapies are accessed as desired through a variety of funding options. 

  • Experiences at community events are available to build in person connections through agencies serving Florida families. 

Access our Support Services

Support services through the Parent Empowerment Program are provided for your family in both individual and group settings, both online and in person.  We encourage you to meet our trained Parent Leaders during our online Parent Support Network weekly group meetings. During these meetings you will learn how to use the Continuity of Care Guide above and how access additional supports and programming for your family.

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