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For Medical Professionals

Are you a pediatrician or licensed healing arts professional working with patients who are identified as deaf or hard of hearing? Families will look to you for guidance.


Considerations for treatment to keep in mind as you engage with these families:

Parents often struggle to engage in communication and linguistic development with their child after they learn of their hearing levels. Encouraging bonding and communication in any form is key to a family's success.

Some families do not consider deafness to be a medical problem. They may object to medical intervention, prefer sign language over amplification, and celebrate the Deaf culture. It is important to validate the perspectives of each unique family, while still providing complete and unbiased information.

Many families are addressing multiple medical and developmental needs for their young children in addition to atypical hearing levels. Discussing priorities with the family is important in developing treatment plans. 

Specially trained professionals are available to support families. By increasing your knowledge of these services, you can make appropriate referrals to build a strong intervention team. 

Infants with hearing differences can gain access to clear auditory input by the timely introduction of hearing technologies. Although hearing technologies may seem unaffordable to many families, multiple funding sources are available. 

Families are juggling multiple appointments with a variety of professionals. You are part of that team, and can support families in coordinating information and care between professional team members.

Families have been given a Continuity of Care Guide. This helps to establish a medical home. 

Let us support you.​



For Children with Hearing Differences


Created through a partnership of parents and professionals

Sponsored by Florida Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Read the National Center on Deaf-Blindness "Risk List for Combined Vision and Hearing Loss in Infants and Toddlers Associated Etiologies with Corresponding ICD-10 Codes"
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